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We provide a Digital Work flow system where AEC Professionals Connect, Collaborate with the Clients and work digitally from start to end.

We have Consultant like, Architects, Interior Designer, Environment Consultant, Engineers & Construction Consultants.


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How does Seedtree Collaborative work?

Define your project requirements.

Select project typology, choose project type, fill required information, and set per sqft rate or a fixed budget. SEEDTREE screens from its community of AEC(Architecture, Engineer, Construction) professionals to find a perfect match that suits your aspirations, budget, and location.

Finalize and build your team

Interview, negotiate, and validate a team of AEC(Architecture Engineer, Construction) professionals for your project with the help of a support team provided by SEEDTREE. Receive and rank bids from different AEC teams to select the most appropriate team.

Connect and Collaborate in a safe digital environment

With SEEDTREE’s cloud solutions, track milestones, start a video call, or chat with your AEC(Architecture Engineer, Construction) team at the ease of your desktop or smartphone. Manage team members, files, and communications from a single portal.

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What is Seed Tree Collaborative?

"SEEDTREE Collaborative is a consortium platform that thrives on our shared values, our ability to lift each other as we pursue a future that is hopeful, compelling, and abundant for all. Seedtree provides an opportunity to AEC professionals to evolve from a competitive, scarce and hyper-local mindset, to a collaborative, abundant and global mindset." At SEEDTREE, different AEC industry players who work separately to bring a project to fruition work together as one team. Sharing ideas, insight, information, and incentives, our elite members and professionals celebrate excellence in the construction sector. We invite you to be a part of our growing community.


SEEDTREE envisions expanding the horizons of knowledge for both its Clients and professionals within a structure where ideas, experiences, and excellence are shared


AEC Professionals: Critical Challenges

It would give any professional immense pain to even look at the interrogation point raised above. Modern times have and will soon raise questions against even the mere existence of designers. Imagine yourself standing somewhere being lost in a mirror maze. All you see is yourself with no clue of the way out. I can vouch for the fact that there are ample people of the same fraternity going clueless about their future. Society today is not willing to pay AEC professionals, be it Architects, Interior Designers, or...

Is COVID turning Designers into Entrepreneurs?

The year 2020 started with a thunderstrike for most of the world population. In the face of the global pandemic of Novel Coronavirus, designers had come to crossroads and most of them are still at standstill. As the pandemic raged, many of us had to go through the painful experience of losing on the projects and this wasn’t the case with merely architects or interior designers, but the entire design fraternity be it the glamour and fashion world or be it a graphic designer. The sole reason behind...

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“There is no permanent reason for men to kill each other…. Give them hope of better land, of enough food for their families, and you remove a main cause of bloodshed.” Said Patrick Geddes which sounds appropriate in today’s context – particularly over the basics: food, land (shelter) and water, which is true for any developing country today, and so is for India.                   We human beings live together in an urbanised society, the fabric of which has been woven...

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